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Detailing Kentucky's alimony laws

Many of those who choose to seek a divorce from their spouse's in Covington may immediately assume that they are entitled to alimony payments (also referred to as "spousal maintenance"). This likely comes from the notion that many may subscribe that alimony is akin to a punitive action leveled against the spouse who makes the most money. Yet those expecting alimony as part of their divorce settlement may ultimately end up disappointed. That is because spousal maintenance is typically only awarded after a careful review of one's case by the court. 

When should you consider relocating during divorce?

Once you and your spouse have decided to seek a divorce in Kentucky, one of the hardest challenges you may face is deciding how child custody will be arranged and how parental responsibilities will be coordinated. Depending on your situation, you may have considered the possibility of relocating and finding a new place to live. Understanding when relocation is in your benefit is valuable to help you make a good decision that will hopefully put you and your children in the best possible situation. 

Relocating following divorce

Maintaining strong familial bonds can be difficult after parents divorce in Covington, particularly for young children. Kids rely on having easy access to their parents for advice and assistance during their formative years, and even with today's technology, separation limits such access. The desire on the part of divorced parents to move on from their marriages can also put further strain on the parent-child relationship, which can almost be altogether severed if one parent chooses to relocate. 

Detailing Kentucky's child support guidelines

People often go into divorce proceedings in Covington with a "go for broke" attitude, thinking that a way to exact punishment on their ex-spouses is to attempt to collect an inordinate amount of support from them. They might believe that the amount the court will oblige their ex-spouses to pay in areas such as child support is left up to them. In reality, every cent of the $33.7 billion that the U.S. Census Bureau reported as being owed in 2015 was determined by state courts (completely independent of the motives and feelings of the parties involved). 

What should I know about division of assets?

No matter how long you've been married, Kentucky couples and those elsewhere, are in for some trying times when a marriage ends. The situation is stressful for all involved, including the one seeking a divorce. Emotions run high on both sides and change frequently, from anger to denial, heartbreak, and confusion.

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