Authorities Arrest Middletown UPS Driver for Drinking on The Job

On behalf of The Berger Firm Nov. 23, 2018

It may be easy for people in Kentucky to dismiss incidents of drunk driving as simply being the actions of irresponsible people. In actuality, they may be much more complex than that. Most understand the risks associated with drunk driving. Those risks are not only to those that a drunk driver may encounter on the road, but also to the drunk driver themselves. For this reason, many might question why one would even consider getting behind the wheel after drinking. The fact that people still may an indicator of a larger problem.

Take the case of a Middletown UPS driver that was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. Suspicions were raised about his conduct when he made a routine stop at a local elementary school. Someone from the school claimed that the driver smelled of alcohol, and called authorities shortly after he left. When police pulled the driver over shortly thereafter, the fact that he was indeed drunk was confirmed. In fact, a breath test yielded a blood-alcohol measurement that was almost four times the legal limit. A search of the man’s UPS vehicle yielded several bottles of alcohol (including bottles in his lunch box. When questioned, the man admitted to consuming almost half a pint of whiskey.

Such reckless action may indicate that this man’s problems (and those of people found in similar scenarios) go far beyond the poor judgment that led to driving while drunk. Indeed, it may be an indicator of serious alcohol dependency (the kind that might only be addressed through external intervention). Those who hope incidents of DUI might lead to their loved ones finally getting the help they need might want to work with an attorney to ensure that such assistance is included in whatever legal consequence they are forced to face.