Family law encompasses a wide range of issues. What they share is that they all pertain to relationships. Relationships bring both joy and sorrow into our lives. It can be difficult to confront the legal aspect of relationships when they are always indisputably emotional.

In Kentucky, more than 26,000 domestic and family cases and more than 6,500 juvenile delinquency and dependency cases are filed in family and juvenile courts every year. Those thousands of cases affect the lives of thousands of individuals forever.

At The Berger Firm, we have cleared a path forward for hundreds of clients and their families in Covington, the Greater Cincinnati area, and Northern Kentucky, including Newport and Florence. That has been our mission for more than 50 years: to serve our community with care.


The broad areas of family law deal with marriage, divorce, and children. Although decisions agreed to between parties and rendered by the court affect each person differently, everyone involved in any family law proceeding enjoys the same rights and protections under the law.




At The Berger Firm, we represent clients seeking prenuptial agreements, divorce mediation, and spousal support, and division of marital assets. We help clients understand the law and help them navigate the legal process.

Prenuptial agreements are often considered in a negative light, as one prospective spouse’s effort to keep the other from taking what is theirs should they divorce. These agreements, in fact, protect both parties to the marriage. They prompt discussions between a couple that reveals each of their values, goals, and priorities. When they do take their vows, they know more about one another.

Mediation provides an opportunity for couples to work out the terms of their divorce outside of the public view of the courtroom. Any agreements still require court approval, but mediation may save time and exposure.

Spousal support, also referred to as “alimony,” may be necessary when one spouse is unable to support themselves after divorce, or needs time to obtain training, further their education, or simply reassimilate into the workforce.

Property division can be a contentious issue in divorce. You acquire things together during the marriage, then are forced to divide up the assets and the debts of your life. We can help you navigate this process by being your advocate at every stage.


Matters involving your children may be the most emotional legal issues you face. Dividing the furniture in divorce pales in comparison to dividing your children’s time, care, and support. You and your children benefit from our firm’s knowledge and wealth of experience with issues involving children in divorce, delinquency, and dependency.

The Berger Firm can guide you through the process of reaching a child custody and visitation agreement, or advocate for you if the details are contested, forcing the court to render a decision and issue an order.

The same is true with child support. Every parent bears a financial responsibility for their children at least until those children reach the age of majority. The parent without physical custody typically ends up paying the other parent monthly. Writing that check, or having child support payments withheld from your paycheck, can sometimes be difficult, even when it is in your child’s best interest.

Life changes after divorce. Children grow and their needs change; circumstances related to the personal, financial, and health of parents may change as well. That is why the law allows parents to seek modification of existing child custody, visitation, and support agreements. The law also offers mechanisms for enforcing agreements when a parent fails to abide by them. The Berger Firm can help you assess the need for modification, provide guidance, and represent you in court enforcement proceedings.

Juvenile dependency proceedings are held when someone believes a parent or guardian is abusing or neglecting a child. Whether you are pursuing a dependency claim or defending yourself from one, you need an aggressive legal advocate on your side.

Finally, if your minor child faces an accusation of committing an offense that would be considered a crime if they were an adult, you will want them represented by formidable delinquency defense attorneys. That’s where we come in.


Family law has an emotional component that does not always mesh with the letter of the law. When you are confronted with any family issue, your choice of attorney is important. Not all lawyers can be compassionate and aggressive at the same time. For more than 50 years, The Berger Firm has applied this unique combination to our family law clients in Covington and beyond. We know the law. We get to know you and your family. We can help.