Alimony/Spousal Support Attorneys in Covington, Kentucky 

Over the duration of your marriage, you tend to become accustomed to a certain way of life. When your marriage doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, you should still be given the resources to live a comfortable life. Our alimony attorneys at The Berger Firm are dedicated to helping you seek the financial support that you need to move forward after a divorce. Whether you need the support to maintain your standard of living or you need it to help your children, our attorneys will never back down. Contact us today at our law firm in Covington, Kentucky, to start exploring your options. We also represent those who are seeking spousal support in the Greater Cincinnati area or Northern Kentucky, including Newport and Florence. 

What Is Alimony/Spousal Support? 

After finalizing a divorce, you may wonder how you can continue living the life that you were before. That’s where alimony comes in. Similar to child support, spousal support is when you receive payments from your former spouse to keep you and your family financially stable. There are many factors that can affect alimony, such as remarriage, taxes, the standard of living, and more. Our alimony attorneys want you to feel safe as you begin a new chapter of your life which is why we are dedicated to helping you seek the outcome that you deserve.  

Types of Alimony in Kentucky 

In the state of Kentucky, there are three types of alimony that you can receive:  

  • Temporary — This form of spousal support will be granted if you need an additional source of income during the divorce proceedings or until a judge has made a final ruling. 

  • Short-Term —  Sometimes referred to as “rehabilitative,” short-term alimony is the most common type of spousal support in Kentucky. You can only receive these payments until you have found another way of securing income, such as receiving a college degree or finding a suitable job. A judge will usually put a time limit on this form of alimony. 

  • Permanent — Permanent spousal support may not actually last forever. This type of alimony is usually only accessible to couples ending long-term marriages. However, if you have an illness or disability that prohibits you from receiving income on your own, you may be eligible to seek permanent alimony. Hindrances to receiving permanent alimony payments can include the death of your former spouse or if you decide to get married again. 

As your representatives, our job is to help you seek the right fit for your family’s needs so that you have everything you need to live your lives. Whatever your spousal support needs are, our family law alimony attorneys want to help you find a solution that works. If you are getting divorced in Covington, Newport, Florence, Kentucky, or Cincinnati, Ohio, contact us at The Berger Firm today for a complimentary consultation. 

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Who Qualifies for Alimony in Kentucky? 

There are two main factors that affect your eligibility to receive spousal support.  

  1. You do not have the financial resources to take care of yourself or your children on your own.

  1. You work a job that makes it difficult to take care of your children.

A judge will examine your family’s situation and make a decision on if you are able to receive financial support. If granted, there are a number of things that can affect how much and how frequently you get paid, including:  

  • The length of the marriage 

  • The standard of living 

  • A realistic timeframe until you will be financially stable 

  • Your age and health 

  • Your ex-spouse's financial stability 

To receive fair payments, you should work with an alimony attorney who is not afraid to go to bat for you. Find the advocacy you need in our team at The Berger Firm in Covington, Kentucky. 

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You deserve to have what you need to live the life you want. Our alimony attorneys are here to help you seek the financial support that you and your children require. Contact us at The Berger Firm in Covington, Kentucky today, and schedule a free consultation of your spousal support case. We represent families and individuals in the areas of Northern Kentucky including Newport and Florence, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Alimony/Spousal Support Attorneys in Covington, Kentucky 

Once you have decided to get divorced, you may have wondered how you will be able to remain financially stable. Our alimony attorneys are here to help you receive a fair amount of spousal support or seek a modification to your already-existing alimony arrangement so that you can comfortably move forward with your life. Contact us today at The Berger Firm in Covington, Kentucky, and schedule a complimentary consultation.