The Biggest Benefits of Sharing Custody in A Kentucky Divorce

On behalf of The Berger Firm Jan. 21, 2020

Shared custody is common in modern Kentucky divorces, but many parents view sharing parental responsibilities with their ex as a negative thing. However, shared custody is beneficial for the parents as well as the children. There are three reasons why it can be a positive development for a family during and after divorce.

Shared Custody Is Usually Better for The Kids

Maintaining a positive relationship with their parents can help kids feel like life is more stable during and after a divorce. The more time kids get to spend with both of their parents, the stronger the bond between the parents and the children.

Instead of feeling isolated and cut off from one of their parents, children can feel supported and cared for in a shared custody scenario, which can drastically reduce the stress they experience during a divorce.

You Won’t Have to Worry as Much About Child Support

Needing to pay child support on top of managing your own household expenses can be stressful. The Kentucky family courts use a child support formula that looks at income, parenting time and special expenses your family incurs to determine how much a parent pays in support. The closer to an even split your custody arrangements are, the less child support either parent will need to pay.

Shared Custody Means Having Some Downtime

Whether you need to steam clean your carpets or just want to watch a movie that isn’t animated, having a little time away from the children can be beneficial for even the most devoted parent. When you share custody with your ex, you can have a little bit of time every week to rest and recharge so that you are able to be the best possible parent for your kids.