Different Approaches to Address Drunk Driving During Long Weekend

On behalf of The Berger Firm Aug. 31, 2019

Many people in Kentucky take advantage of the Labor Day holiday weekend to spend time socializing with friends and family. However, innocent gatherings can take a dangerous and potentially deadly turn when people consume too much alcohol and then attempt to drive home. Preventing drunk driving accidents is an objective in which many organizations have an interest. However, different organizations are taking different approaches to address the issue of drunk driving prevention.

WYMT Mountain News reports that state authorities will have a heightened presence in several eastern Kentucky counties this weekend as they patrol the Virginia border. Law enforcement officers will conduct thorough inspections to ensure that the driver’s license is valid and that there are no suspicious smells or other signs of alcohol or drug use coming from either the driver or the vehicle, with the latter receiving top priority. In either case, depending on the jurisdiction, the driver will receive either a warning or a citation. Authorities report seeing decreased instances of impaired driving and increased use of seatbelts in part due to the “shock factor” of seeing heightened patrols in the area.

Meanwhile, according to, the Kentucky Distillers Association is taking a different approach to prevent drunk driving and ensure that everyone’s Labor Day weekend remains fun and safe. It is providing $10,000 worth of funding to a program called Safe Rides Kentucky that will provide free ride-sharing services all weekend, starting on Friday evening and running until early Tuesday morning. Over 8,000 people statewide have received free rides home in this manner since 2017.