Do I Need to Report My Kentucky Car Crash?

On behalf of The Berger Firm April 22, 2020

So you had a car crash; it can happen. While you cannot go back in time and erase the accident, you can ensure that you do not create more problems for yourself by failing to follow the correct procedures.

Do I Have to Notify the Police if I Am in A Kentucky Car Accident?

Yes, you must notify the police if any of the following applies:

  • someone has died

  • someone is injured

  • one of the cars is not driveable

If you notify the police, they file the accident report for you.

Do I Have to Notify Anyone if The Above Does Not Apply?

If there is damage of more than $500 USD to someone’s property, you need to file an accident report called a Civilian Collision Report Form.

When and Where Do I File the Form?

You must submit the Civilian Collision Report Form within 10 days. You can hand the form into the local police station, or you can mail it to the police.

Does This Report Notify the Insurance Company?

No, the form does not notify your insurance company. You need to do this yourself as soon as possible after the accident.

Does This Form Help Me Claim for Any Damages?

The Civilian Collision Form is used to gather data about road traffic accidents in Kentucky. However, you certainly do not want to admit that the crash was your fault on the form. Consulting an attorney can help you to avoid more problems if you are involved in a car accident.