Don’t Let Prom Be a Night of Dangerous Driving

On behalf of The Berger Firm March 23, 2020

It’s prom season in the spring, and the reality is that many of the teens that are going to be driving may not make great decisions before getting behind the wheel. They’re new to driving and young enough that mistakes will happen. Sadly, every year, teens and others lose their lives in crashes caused by drunk and distracted individuals.

Did you know that 229 teens were killed in 2017 as a result of distraction-related crashes? Additionally, speed played a role in around a third of all fatal crashes. If your teen is going to be going to prom, it’s time to sit down to talk to them about the steps they can take to be safer.

Prom Ends Late at Night, so Make Sure Your Teens Have a Safe Way Home

Teens driving late at night have the potential to be exhausted, making it harder to stay on the road or drive safely. Work out a plan with your teen so that they can call you to get picked up or get another safe ride home if they’re too tired to drive. It’s not worth the risk to drive home while tired.

Drinking Is Illegal for Those Under 21

As a reminder, it’s illegal for teens to drink if they’re under 21. If they do choose to drink and drive, they will face significant penalties if they’re caught. Additionally, they could hurt themselves or others, so it’s best if they ignore alcohol and go with nonalcoholic drink choices.

Every year, teens and others are killed and hurt in crashes around prom. Talk to your teen now, so you can protect them and help them know what to do if they are involved in a crash.