Driver Fleeing from Letcher County Checkpoint Causes Crash

On behalf of The Berger Firm Aug. 31, 2018

Given the many methods by which people who have been drinking in Covington can now safely be transported home, many might think that the chances of them encountering a drunk driver on the road would be almost non-existent. Still, the risk may be out there, and it is one that no amount of defensive driving or vehicle safety features can mitigate. Drunk drivers may set out for their destinations without any intent to harm others, yet the impairments caused by the alcohol they have consumed often make completing their journeys unscathed nearly impossible.

Even in cases where a driver who has been drinking is aware of what it happening around him or her, that does not mean he or she is in enough command of his or her faculties to not present a danger to others. This fact was on full display in a recent crash that occurred in Letcher County. A man approaching a traffic safety checkpoint chose to turn his vehicle around before reaching the checkpoint. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that by turning where he did, he ended driving the wrong way on the road. A collision with another vehicle soon followed, and the man his two passengers ended needing treatment for injuries.

The man was later charged with several offenses, among them DUI (which may explain why he tried to avoid the checkpoint). Even in a case like this where it was not reported whether the accident victim sustained any injuries, such parties may need compensation to help cover expenses such as vehicle repair costs. If such compensation cannot from insurance, one might have to take action against the responsible driver. Such action may be more likely to net positive results if one has the experience of an attorney to rely on.