The Financial Impact of A Broken Bone in A Car Crash

On behalf of The Berger Firm Jan. 19, 2020

On the large and varied scale of potential injuries in a car crash, a broken bone may not seem like a very serious issue. After all, compared with a permanent spinal injury or a debilitating traumatic brain injury, a broken bone is easy to diagnose, typically straightforward to treat and possible to fully recover from with adequate medical care and rest.

Still, a broken bone can cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses and much more in lost wages or opportunities. Really looking at the cost of a broken bone before you agree to any kind of insurance settlement will be important after you suffered a fracture in a motor vehicle crash caused by another driver.

Total Costs Include Lost Wages and Medical Expenses

According to a federal analysis of health care data, setting a broken leg with a cast can cost as much as $7,500. In the event of a compound fracture that requires surgery and a hospital stay, people could be looking at $10,000 a day or more for the medical care that they receive.

Those costs alone could completely consume the bodily injury liability coverage for some insurance policies. Beyond that, you also have to consider the wages you lose when you can’t go to work for several weeks because of a broken bone.

You may require help when negotiating with the insurance company for a fair settlement. If insurance simply won’t cover the full costs of the fracture, you may eventually have to take legal action against the driver who caused the crash in order to recoup your financial losses.