Kentucky State Employee Faces DUI, Other Charges

On Behalf of The Berger Firm April 6, 2020

A Kentucky state employee is facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges after her recent arrest.

The 58-year-old woman, who is a supervisor in the department that works with juveniles in the court system, was spotted by a state trooper, allegedly driving erratically in the Henderson area.

Police said she was driving 57 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone and in an inconsistent fashion. Along with DUI, she was charged with reckless driving, driving while texting, speeding and failing to/improper signal. According to a court report, the woman told the arresting officer her name, and while she was looking for her driver’s license, she showed the officer that she worked for the state and at the courthouse.

While she initially denied that she had been drinking, she later admitted to sharing some bourbon with a friend. According to the police report, she failed several field sobriety tests and the officer told her she was under arrest. Her response was, “But I am a state employee.”

When she arrived at the jail, a breath alcohol test showed the woman was intoxicated, police said. She registered a 0.175 percent – twice Kentucky’s legal driving limit of 0.08 percent alcohol. She was booked at the Henderson County Detention Center and paid a bond for her release.

Being a state employee does not mean a person can’t be arrested on suspicion of DUI, or on any charges. And it isn’t a defense that would hold up in court. It’s wise never to assume that you can avoid a DUI charge simply because of your position or association with someone. An attorney experienced in DUI cases, however, can help protect your rights as your case proceeds through the justice system.