Lexington Car Accident Claims Man’s Life

On behalf of The Berger Firm Dec. 21, 2018

There are some who may question the motives behind initiating legal action following a lawsuit in Covington. After all, most car accidents are likely just that: accidents. Without the element of intent present, it may seem to some that those seeking action are just looking for some way to punish those responsible for their collisions. In reality, a good deal of car accident compensation cases may be filed by people not looking for sort of retribution, but rather assistance in handling the expenses that can result from such an incident.

Sadly, those results can often be tragic. This fact was clearly evidenced in a recent crash that occurred in Lexington. Authorities say that two vehicles traveling in opposite directions on Man o’ War Boulevard struck head-on when one crossed over the median and entered into oncoming traffic. Two of those involved suffered minor injuries that required treatment at a local medical center, while the driver of one of the vehicles died at the scene. Accident investigators have yet to release whether or not he was at fault in the accident.

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one can never be adequately overcome. Such a person may have not only provided emotional support to a great deal of people, but financial support as well. Those affected must then not only deal with the expenses that arise from the car accident that claimed their loved ones’ lives, but also that financial loss. It is for that very reason why many may feel compelled to seek compensation in such situations. The chances of earning a successful outcome to such a case may be bolstered if one chooses to enlist the services of a seasoned attorney.