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How can I avoid debt relief scams?

Debt relief services claim to help people facing bankruptcy get current on debt and restore their financial standing. While many of these services can offer assistance, others may be scams to deprive a person from their money for help that never materializes. To help you identify debt relief red flags, the Federal Trade Commission offers the following advice.

Detailing the homestead exemption

The most common question asked by those contemplating filing for personal bankruptcy in Covington is whether or not they will be able to keep their homes. People need personal assets when attempting to rebuild their financial lives following bankruptcy, and a home is typically one's most valued asset. Thus, the fear of losing it may keep many for whom bankruptcy might be a valid option from investigating it until it is too late to enjoy the protections it affords. For this reason, both the federal and individual state governments have created homestead exemptions

Reviewing the Chapter 7 means test

For many of those that we here at The Berger Firm have assisted in the past, mounting debts have left them with seemingly little hope to get back on top of their finances again. If that describes your personal situation, bankruptcy may offer a way back to fiscal stability. Specifically through a Chapter 7 case, you might be able to have many of your debts discharged. Others may be repaid through liquidating some of your property, yet exemptions typically allow you to hang on to important assets such as your home, car and other valuables. 

How to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

If you’ve recently filed for bankruptcy in Kentucky, you may already have your mind set on rebuilding your credit. While the road in front of you might seem long (and somewhat arduous), it is possible to repair your credit history and ensure a brighter financial future. In order to do so, NerdWallet.com offers the following advice, which will help you take a poor credit history and make the necessary repairs.

3 Tips for Creating a Common-Sense Budget

After filing for bankruptcy your number one goal should be getting your finances in order. This requires devising a common-sense budget, which will help ensure your bills are paid and that you’re able to rebuild your savings. Forbes recommends the following tips to help you create a budget you can depend on.

Proactive things to do when unemployed

Kentucky residents who have lost a job understand the hardships of making ends meet. There may be no easy way of looking at unemployment, but there are some ways an individual can turn this life chapter into a process of growth. Although each financial situation is different from the next, the following tips can help the unemployed move forward.

Student loans and bankruptcy: the ins and outs

The advantages of earning a college degree are endless. However, the number of the nation's students who struggle with loan debt continues to skyrocket. In a time usually fit for celebration, countless graduates reach a new hurdle: looming debt that can hang over one's shoulders for decades. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Kentucky students grappling with the financial aspects of education? 

Are unemployment rates in america really changing?

A current topic of debate, unemployment has been at the forefront of concern for many Americans. Under a Trump administration, the country has been informed that slow job growth would see future change; so far, that change has been evident but minimal. Some Kentucky residents have found success in the current job market, while others still struggle to find reliable, full-time employment.

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