Prepare for The Emotional Toll of Divorce

On behalf of The Berger Firm March 31, 2020

Divorce is a huge life change that comes with many emotions even for those who want the split to happen. Dealing with these can be almost as difficult as trying to work through the legal matter. While you might be tempted to just push your feelings aside and handle the practical side of things, it’s best to work through them as they come up, so they don’t fester and make your life miserable.

One thing that surprises many people is that you are likely going to grieve the loss of the marriage even if you were unhappy. This has to do more with the loss of companionship rather than the loss of your ex. You probably miss having someone to come home to after a long day and someone to share important events with.

You may be shocked by how often your emotions change. It may feel like a roller coaster sometimes. This can make it very difficult for you handle one feeling before the next one washes over you. Take the time you need to focus on yourself as you go through the process. This isn’t easy if you have children, but you might consider doing things for yourself when your ex has the children.

While you’re dealing with your emotions, you’ll also have to make decisions about matters related to the divorce. This includes property division and child custody. Try to think about how each option you have for these might impact the situation now and into the future. You shouldn’t let your emotions rule your decisions about the divorce, so you’ll have a fine line to walk during this time.