Proactive Things to Do when Unemployed

On behalf of The Berger Firm April 27, 2018

Kentucky residents who have lost a job understand the hardships of making ends meet. There may be no easy way of looking at unemployment, but there are some ways an individual can turn this life chapter into a process of growth. Although each financial situation is different from the next, the following tips can help the unemployed move forward.

The outlook may seem bleak, but as U.S. News shares, keeping one’s skills fresh can pay off down the road. One way to stay updated in one’s field after unemployment is by volunteering with various charities or organizations; doing so can even help one explore a new field. Another proactive step the unemployed can take involves visibility in a specific field. U.S. News suggests joining industry-specific professional associations or building a professional presence online. Younger professionals may even start new local groups, if none exist in the industry. There are many routes that can help those in a career limbo stay refreshed and up to date.

While those who have struggled with a job likely have a recent resume on hand, Forbes notes that adding to one’s professional document can help bolster a career path. For instance, taking a class during a phase of unemployment can make one stand out in a certain field. Networking is another essential step in today’s professional world, as Forbes also encourages readers to consider starting a blog. As aforementioned, creating such an online presence can turn heads. Another way to do this involves social media, as connecting with those in the field can help brighten one’s career outlook. A period of unemployment can be disheartening; however, the above proactive steps can indicate that the end of one career can be the beginning of another.