Representation Could Be More Affordable than You Think

On behalf of The Berger Firm April 10, 2018

At the Berger Firm, we take pride in the fact that our work brings justice to people involved in Kentucky auto accidents. However, we wish that more people knew exactly how accessible personal representation could be.

Many potential clients who contact us worry about how they might pay for their lawyer. we often tell clients that there is a very simple reason why this should not be their primary concern.

If you were at the point where you needed to bring legal action, it would be likely that you would already be facing considerable financial strain. If lawyers required their fees up front, far fewer people could get justice. Therefore, you would probably not need extra cash on hand to retain a lawyer to represent you in an injury case.

The way that many law firms would work around this particular financial challenge is simple. They would likely offer you a contract in which they receive payment after you receive your money from a settlement or court award.

There would be no surprises — the representation agreement you sign with your lawyer should lay out all of the terms of payment ahead of time. Of course, that agreement would be more than a statement about how the attorneys get paid. It would also serve as the physical symbol of your representative’s oath to protect your best interests in your legal dispute.

In summary, thanks to the payment-on-delivery style of service that many injury lawyers provide, you probably do not have to let a shortage of cash on hand stop you from getting the justice you deserve. Please read more at our main site for additional information.