Rollover in Smith’s Grove kills Mount Sterling Resident

On behalf of The Berger Firm Sept. 14, 2018

Some in Covington might equate driving on a busy road to a dance in which people move in concert in order to complete their travels successfully. Those who think that their own individual driving skills will help them to avoid accidents may fail to take this needed collaboration into account. The actions of one driver can often have a profound impact on others, which should therefore instill a great sense of responsibility in people when they get behind the wheel.

Sometimes, something a simple as a sudden stop is all that is needed to prompt a chain reaction that can produce devastating consequences. This fact was on full display in a recent accident in Smith’s Grove. A Mount Sterling man was traveling with his father on Interstate 655 when the vehicle in front of him suddenly stopped. This forced the man to swerve to avoid hitting the SUV. Unfortunately, his reaction resulted in his car leaving the road and rolling several times. He was able to survive the accident, yet sadly, his father was ejected from the vehicle during the rollover, and later pronounced dead.

The reason why the vehicle traveling in front of the two men stopped so suddenly was not given. One might argue that the fact that the son had to swerve to avoid a collision is implies that he was following too closely (thus shifting liability to him). Yet if it were shown that the driver of the leading vehicle carelessly stopped without considering others on the road, that might also qualify as negligence. In such a case, accident victims may need to be able to assign liability if they choose to seek compensation. One might be more successful at making such a determination if he or she has an experienced attorney to rely on.