When Should You Consider Relocating During Divorce?

On behalf of The Berger Firm Sept. 23, 2018

Once you and your spouse have decided to seek a divorce in Kentucky, one of the hardest challenges you may face is deciding how child custody will be arranged and how parental responsibilities will be coordinated. Depending on your situation, you may have considered the possibility of relocating and finding a new place to live. Understanding when relocation is in your benefit is valuable to help you make a good decision that will hopefully put you and your children in the best possible situation.

According to, one of the most important considerations to account for when deciding whether or not to relocate is how available you will still be to your children. Chances are, you desire to maintain a good relationship with each of your children and being able to be successful at that requires you to remain in a place where you are accessible.

Some of the reasons you may consider moving to a new location include the chance to be closer to other family members and friends who can provide support to you and your children. You may also consider moving if you have the ability to get a more desirable job that will give you and your children new opportunities. If you are looking for housing that is cheaper than your current option or smaller due to the changes in your family dynamic, that may be another valid reason for considering relocation.

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