Why Waiting to Divorce Can Sometimes Be Best

On behalf of The Berger Firm Sept. 17, 2020

There is no way to avoid change in life. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed when faced with one change after another. This is why some people in Kentucky may find it beneficial to delay divorce if they are already dealing with other significant life events.

According to a Harris Poll, almost 40% of adults in America are seriously thinking about moving to smaller cities and other less populated areas. For many, the idea is to put down roots and enroll their children in local schools. But what happens to those plans if one files for divorce before or during a move? Questions about child custody and what happens if one parent wants to move back can make things much more complicated.

There are also around 17 million people who are currently relying on government benefits after being furloughed or laid off. This means that there are probably many families in Kentucky who are struggling while their primary financial earners are out of work. Deciding to file for divorce when one’s spouse is not necessarily a good idea, because the court will most likely order child and spousal support based on his or her current income — which could leave someone with little to no help.

It might not feel good to wait after deciding that divorce is the best option. Still, there are many situations in which doing so might be best. It can also be helpful to reach out to an experienced attorney about one’s options and what steps to take beforehand.