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Powell County collision produces fatal results

Collisions between cars and motorcycles in Covington often result in the motorcyclists involved suffering serious injuries. The lack of protection afforded by motorcycles makes them more susceptible to injury in such incidents. That may lead to an unwarranted belief that such accidents are almost always the fault of the motorists involved. Yet in many cases, motorcyclists may indeed be the ones to blame. Practices such as lane-splitting or trying to maneuver motorcycles tightly between vehicles may increase the risk of an accident. While motorists should indeed make an increased effort to be aware of motorcyclists on the road, motorcyclists are also charged with avoiding reckless behavior. 

Multi-car crashes benefit from accident reconstructionists

Minor fender benders, such as a rear-end collision in rush hour traffic or a car hit broadside at an intersection are common along Kentucky highways and secondary roads. Determining the person at fault is usually a simple task. However, a multi-car crash can have many variables. At The Berger Firm, we often represent clients injured in a catastrophic car accident.

Collision in Lexington sends three to the hospital

Sharing the road with others in Covington may often be easier said than done. While most people likely consider themselves to be responsible drivers, they cannot control the actions of others on the road around them. Sometimes those actions may be blatantly reckless; other times they may be due to simple carelessness. Whether the reason behind them, a single solitary action while driving (even one that lasts just a split second) can be enough to produce a chain of events that results in untold devastation. 

Auto fatalities involving speed or alcohol

It is no secret that drinking and driving is dangerous yet you know doubt see or hear reports about people in Kentucky continuing to be hit by drivers who have made this risky decision. The same is true when it come to speeding as numerous people continue to make the choice to drive recklessly and ignore posted speed limits. These decisions put innocent people at risk for no good reason.

Negligent entrustment explained

Whether one is involved in a high-speed collision or a simple fender-bender in Covington, the expenses that can result from a car accident can quickly become enormous. In some cases, one's financial liabilities arising from an accident may exceed insurance coverage limits. In such a case, those facing such expenses may be left with little choice but to take legal action against those that caused their accidents. Yet what if the responsible party was a teen driver? 

Lexington car accident claims man's life

There are some who may question the motives behind initiating legal action following a lawsuit in Covington. After all, most car accidents are likely just that: accidents. Without the element of intent present, it may seem to some that those seeking action are just looking for some way to punish those responsible for their collisions. In reality, a good deal of car accident compensation cases may be filed by people not looking for sort of retribution, but rather assistance in handling the expenses that can result from such an incident. 

Road trips, long drives and car crashes

Any time that someone is on the road, whether they are riding in a vehicle or on a bicycle, they face the risk of being involved in an accident. However, there are times when a person may be especially likely to become involved in a motor vehicle collision. For example, someone who is on a road trip may collide with another vehicle because they are not familiar with the roads or they are distracted by a tourist destination. Moreover, someone who has been driving for a lengthy time period may become drowsy.

Rollover in Smith's Grove kills Mount Sterling resident

Some in Covington might equate driving on a busy road to a dance in which people move in concert in order to complete their travels successfully. Those who think that their own individual driving skills will help them to avoid accidents may fail to take this needed collaboration into account. The actions of one driver can often have a profound impact on others, which shouls therefore instill a great sense of responsibility in people when they get behind the wheel. 

Driver fleeing from Letcher County checkpoint causes crash

Given the many methods by which people who have been drinking in Covington can now safely be transported home, many might think that the chances of them encountering a drunk driver on the road would be almost non-existent. Still, the risk may be out there, and it is one that no amount of defensive driving or vehicle safety features can mitigate. Drunk drivers may set out for their destinations without any intent to harm others, yet the impairments caused by the alcohol they have consumed often make completing their journeys unscathed nearly impossible. 

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